Server is now Closed

Ronan7557 a posted Mar 6, 14
I think it is time for the server to come to a close.  I have met some really cool people on here and had lots of fun, but life happens.  Most of us have moved on to other games or life situations.  No one is to blame, it just happens.  I was just surprised at your support for keeping it alive this long.  I have helped a few people set up their own private servers too, so please always feel free to contact me and ask questions.  I might even try putting together some youtube videos on server management & setup.  

If you would like to keep in contact after the server, here are my pages.

***FB group if you want to keep in touch ***

Facebook: (this is my cosplay/gaming profile)
FB Fan Page: (mostly cosplay & props)
Steam: Ronan75
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